We saw a Madhubani painting in an exhibition created by an artist whose name you would not know. We bought a pair of shoes from a brand that isn’t one of the big brands, but they make shoes from recycled rubber. We met someone who creates ear rings with their own hands. We got a handmade greeting, customized with intricate details delivered to our friend. A designer who creates magic in ladies Chikan suits showed his art to us and we were left speechless. We encountered a lady who creates the most beautiful candles with her hands. And we made friends with someone who is making hand made products like baskets and holders of top quality. These artists have one thing in common – passion for their art and the hardwork that goes into making their respective masterpieces.

From our own personal experiences, we understand how hard it is to promote yourself and your product in the market. A lot of us are at a loss on how to market our product and spend a lot of time and money in trying to reach the “big cities” to sell these masterpieces. Our vision is to have an open portal for all such artists to promote their craft and ensure that they reach the market.

During our interaction with the customers of these items, we got to hear how difficult it was to find good quality handmade products and also that to buy these products, you would have to travel to an exhibition or say, a Mela. And often, as a customer, we do not even get to see the variety of hand made products out there. We also met a few people who told us that the hand made products were frequently expensive and not meant for them. Being always interested in handmade products we have been true admirers of hand made products and understand the difficulty and precision required to make them. Our love for handicrafts drives us to bring the artist and the customer on the same platform and make buying completely easy and hassle free. We envision to make these products reachable and accessible to everyone from the comfort of their homes.

The beauty of a handmade product is not just in the texture and material but in the hours of hardwork, precision, passion and love – where each product is a reflection of an artist and has a story in itself. We want to bring that story and the magic to you – at your doorstep and making it easier for you as a customer to have access to as many handmade products as you can. We want to make it convenient for you as an artist as well, if you create anything handmade, we would love to showcase your work on our platform.

Our platform lets you showcase your product in a simple manner and buying a beautiful handmade product is completely uncomplicated. Our vision is simplicity- To make it simpler to purchase and showcase handmade products.

Our Team

CHARU DHYANI (The Innovator)

Charu is the brain behind WudBox. After finishing her post graduation and working in a company for three years, she revisited her dream of starting her own company. Fond of handmade products herself, she realised that there was no easy platform where she could buy all kinds of handmade products. Consequently, there was a dearth of market for the makers of these products. Identifying this need, she started this website to connect the maker and buyer. Her vision is to improve visibility of the maker of these products and showcase them together with making it simpler and comfortable to buy handmade products. She handles the overall running of operations for the venture and collaborating with makers of handmade products. An innovator by nature, she is constantly in pursuit of new ideas and innovations to improve our products and services.


After working in different companies for the last eight years, Shantanu decided to work on building something that would make a difference. He is presently working in a company in their healthcare department and assists us in operations, website flow and writes content for WudBox. He functions as the essential support system and believes strongly in the bigger purpose we are trying to serve. A writer as well, he has written a novel and has his own blog. Creative by nature, he keeps coming up with new content for the website.

SHALINI GAUR (Quality Control)

With an extensive background of working in corporate setups and being Functional Head for a couple of organisations, Shalini is an important asset for us. She works as an Advisor and Proof Reader for our website. Her function involves everything from checking our products to our content along with advising us on key strategies. She believes that their is a gap between buyers and makers of handmade products and shares the company’s vision of improving visibility for the maker as well as making it simpler to buy handmade products. Her major role is analysing from every perspective and challenge all decisions to reach a thought through verdict.

ATUL JAISWAL (Strategy Maker)

Atul is a developmental professional with more than six years of experience in project management, setting up processes, consulting, resource mobilisation and networking for major Social Enterprises in India and abroad. He is passionate about transfer of skills and knowledge and loves to work with entrepreneurs with a novel idea. He works on developing strategy, brand positioning and advises us on key initiatives. A go-getter by nature, he is constantly working to improve our functioning.


A firm believer of sustainable living and sustainable products, Hemlata always wanted to work towards this cause that was close to her heart. At Wudbox, she plays a crucial role of finding the right products and Sellers for us. Her role involves everything from looking for these Sellers, reaching out to them, assisting them with their queries, onboarding them on our platform to helping them run their shop effectively. Being a keen observer and someone who looks into detail, she also analyses website data, user profiles, seller profiles, product details, website flow and assists in making the platform as smooth and simple as possible.