Wudbox is a home for creative ideas turned into extraordinary items through magic of human touch. It is a universe inhabited by handcrafted, sustainable and natural products contributing to a delightful experience each day.

In our pursuit of an enriching experience to buyers, we deliver one of a kind and exclusive alternatives that are not mass produced. Being powered by people, our online business is about the ingenuity and enterprise of our team, sellers and buyers who are our cornerstones.



  1. Sustainability:
    Giving back to the planet that gives us so much is close to our hearts. Whether directly being made through sustainable means or indirectly by not leaving carbon footprints, we try our best to be nice to Mother Nature.
  2. Exclusivity:
    Unique and cool products, experiences and ideas is what all of us love.
  3. Commitment:
    Our Sellers and their ideas are precious to us and we are dedicated to our partnership with them. Our equal commitment is for our Buyers who put their time and trust in us.  

Our Team

CHARU DHYANI (The Innovator)

The Founder and brain behind Wudbox, she eats, sleeps and speaks Wudbox. After working in a healthcare startup for a couple of years, she found her calling in creative products and sustainable living.

GOPAL DUTT (The Executive)

With industry experience of more than a decade and with degrees in engineering from India and MBA from US , Gopal brings unique perspectives to Digital Transformation initiatives. He currently is involved in multiple startup ventures and provides his guidance and insights in bringing operating efficiencies, creating innovative ecosystems and help scaling them to the next level. At Wudbox, he helps keeping us centred and pushes our boundaries to innovate every day.

Hemlata Gupta


The forever smiling face of Wudbox, she handles merchant relations and new product line development. A firm believer of sustainable living, she has found a bunch of similar thinking people at Wudbox and is working to make the world a better place through it.

SHALINI GAUR (Quality Control)

With extensive background of working in different companies and a creative streak running through her, she works as the Devils Advocatefor Wudbox. Herself an ardent fan of handcrafted products, she is trying to create a brand that solves a problem she shares with many others- of finding great quality handmade products.

ATUL JAISWAL (Strategy Maker)

Having many years of experience in project management for both NGOs and private bodies, developing systems, mobilising resources and networking are his key skills. At Wudbox, he assists in making it a brand that is cool and fashionable.