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Don’t take stress over your tresses!

Shampoos are an important part of our daily routine. Shampoos serve many functions for our hair such as washing away excess oils, removing dirt and grime that gets accumulated throughout the day, treating dandruff etc. They also help fight against any infection in our scalp due to fungus. Did you know that the word ‘shampoo’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘champo’! Since ancient times, people from the Indian Subcontinent have used a variety of Ayurvedic extracts to rinse their hair.

But over the years, we are seeing the use of harmful chemicals being added to our shampoos that act as preservatives, foaming agents or coloring agents. For example, the chemical Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is added to create foam which is the chemical used in our detergents! These chemicals are not only harsh for our hair, some are shown to cause severe side effects. But everything is not gloomy, in recent years there has been a rise in demand for herbal shampoos that are made from natural ingredients with no artificial chemicals added. These natural shampoos help keep your hair healthy.

Our curated catalog of natural shampoos are special as they are ethically made from natural ayurvedic ingredients. The herbal shampoos available in the collection are of high quality and contain no harmful chemicals. We even have anti dandruff shampoos, anti hair fall shampoos etc that can help you protect your hair. Plus they are less polluting than most of the shampoos that are available in stores. In case you are looking for ways to lead a sustainable lifestyle, our natural shampoos are a good starting point.

You can choose from various types of shampoos available in our collection such as handmade shampoo bars, natural shampoos, anti dandruff shampoos, sulphate free shampoos, paraben free shampoos etc.