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Sanganeri is a hand-block printing technique originating from Sanganer, a village in the southern part of Jaipur, Rajasthan. This form of textile printing is almost 5 centuries old and till date holds a prominent place in the world of weavers and craftsmen. Royal patronage and heritage inspired the great cultivation in this form of craft, which has been around for years, and is almost as old as the country itself.

Typically, a Sanganeri motif is a combination of beautiful floral designs. It includes a blend of flowers, buds and leaves or other forms like a keri (mango), pan (betel leaf), katar (dagger), or jhumka (ear-ring). The flower motifs are usually stylized sunflowers, narcissuses, roses, and other flowers of luxuriant foliage like daturas, rudrakshas, and arkas.

Original Sanganeri impression work is normally done by hand. The fabric is prepared first, then laid out and pinned onto printing tables covered with sand and water. Printing wooden blocks with raised grooves of exquisite designs are laced with colours. They are then pressed upon the previously marked fabric, wherever the motifs have to be placed, to balance the running design. Some of these design casts are very old while some are more recent.

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