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This ayurvedic anti aging triphala neem face and hair mask is thoughtfully packed in bio degradable zip lock pouches to help you contribute towards a sustainable environment. You also help sustain the marginalized farmer who strive hard to grow natural and chemical free products. Easy to store and can be tucked into your travel bag while you are traveling for work or pleasure.

Reduce Carbon footprint! Help save the earth!

Ingredients: Amla, Vibhitaki, Haritaki, Neem Leaves, Neem Oil

Weight: 75 gms


  1. Triphla is the magical blend of three herbs Amla (Indian goose berry), Vibhitaki ( Beleric ), Haritaki ( Chebulic Myrobalan).
  2. Amla is revered in ayurveda to have multi beneficial properties. It has anti aging benefits & it also lightens your skin tone. It tones and tightens your skin and treats acne & pimples. Known to exfoliates and cleanse your skin.
  3. Amla is an excellent ingredient for scalp treatment. It reduces hair fall and prevents premature greying while conditioning your hair.
  4. Vibhitaki
  5. : Has astringent properties. It is known to reduce fine lines caused by premature aging. Also removes toxins from skin. Ayurveda suggests vibhitaki to treat dandruff and other scalp infections which cause hair fall.
  6. Haritaki – Gets a special mention in ayurveda for its medicinal and healing properties. Beneficial in treating acne and rashes while cleansing your skin . It is used to cleanse the hair of bacteria .
  7. Haritaki has antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Hair strength is improved by Haritaki. Also improves luster.
  8. Neem: Antibacterial. Treats acne and pimples effectively. Delays signs of ageing. Lightens pigmentation. Being anti bacterial it works very well as a hair pack. Cleanses your hair and scalp while conditioning it. Relieves from itching & rashes in the scalp.

Directions for use:

For face : Wash your face and neck. Mix the powder with some water / rose water. Apply on face. Leave it to dry for 15- 20 mins or till completely dry. If using as a scrub. Apply the paste on face and neck using circular motion with your finger tips . Then wash with tap water and apply a suitable moisturizer.

For Hair : Make a smooth paste and apply from scalp to the full length of hair , coating the hair strands . Leave it on for 30 mins. Rinse with water and dry. Do not use shampoo immediately. Your hair will shine and glow with health and nourishment.

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At Woods and Petals herbals we encourage you to think where your consumables come from. We have been inspired by mother nature & Ayurveda for wholesome wellness & healthy living of mind body and soul. We value and respect the knowledge handed down to us by our ancestors and their respect for nature and its infinite bounty.

We have tried to bring to you traditional nourishing products from mother nature with exotic aromas and benefits in easy to use forms. We do not believe in artificially created products from chemical compounds. Our products are natural and organic. They are paraben and sulphate free. We do not believe in cruelty to animals hence none of our products are tested on animals.

Most of our raw products are handpicked by women in remote parts of India. It is a conscious attempt to encourage marginalized women to be part of this exciting journey and help sustain their families. We want you to be part of our sincere efforts to save the environment, by avoiding the chemically treated product.







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