Bamboo Wood Charcoal and Calamine Clay Handmade Soap (Set of 2 )


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Inspired by our ancient Indian vedic culture and modern science we have combined the goodness of bamboo wood charcoal and calamine clay to give you a luxurious bathing experience . These are comparatively large handmade soap bars which will last you longer.

Made with bamboo wood charcoal and calamine clay this handmade soap bar cleanses your skin while lightly scrubbing it, giving it a better texture and helping you get rid of dark spots.

Contents: Set of 2 handmade soaps

Ingredients: Bamboo wood charcoal powder, calamine clay, rose essential oil, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, aqua, glycerine, sucrose.

Weight: 120 grams soap bars each


  1. This soap is chemical free, handmade and organic.
  2. Calamine protects your skin from UV rays that tan your skin.
  3. Gives relief from itchiness and helps removes marks and scars .
  4. Charcoal helps to tighten and detoxify your skin especially if you have multiple breakouts, oily skin, bumpheads, blackheads  or have large pores.
  5. Rose oil is an antidepressant, antisceptic and an aphrodisiac. It soothens  and calms. It retains natural skin moisture while cleansing your skin.  Also helps fight body odor. Detoxes your skin.

Best Before: 2 yrs from manufacturing date

Directions for Use: Wet yourself with water. Then lather the soap generously all over your body and face. Rinse with water.

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At Woods and Petals herbals we encourage you to think where your consumables come from. We have been inspired by mother nature & Ayurveda for wholesome wellness & healthy living of mind body and soul. We value and respect the knowledge handed down to us by our ancestors and their respect for nature and its infinite bounty.

We have tried to bring to you traditional nourishing products from mother nature with exotic aromas and benefits in easy to use forms. We do not believe in artificially created products from chemical compounds. Our products are natural and organic. They are paraben and sulphate free. We do not believe in cruelty to animals hence none of our products are tested on animals.

Most of our raw products are handpicked by women in remote parts of India. It is a conscious attempt to encourage marginalized women to be part of this exciting journey and help sustain their families. We want you to be part of our sincere efforts to save the environment, by avoiding the chemically treated product.







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