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Confetti Black Loafers


Product from akhilkhanna

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‘T-57’ The design that reflects meticulous craftsmanship. Highly statement making moccasins with a detailed interlocking weave. The colour palette of these loafers revolves around the family of browns and black.

Colour: Black

Material: Pure leather.

Weight 1.5 kg

35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42

Crafted by traditional Indian Artisans, we at Tissr believe in the art of perfection to produce leather goods ideal for those who appreciate finer things in life. Tissr as a brand represents the passion for woven luxury and comfort along with urbanity. Our designs are mastered to perfection by skillful techniques and the flair of weaving to create a product that talks for itself.

Craftsmanship– We work with the finest artisans that spend days and days to craft the leather through and through to create the beautiful weave you see. We are passionate about every detail of the weave and ensure each and every aspect is perfectly taken care of. Sourcing only genuine leathers we want the beauty to come through meticulous craftsmanship and a thorough process we oversee at.

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