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Geosmin – Sheesham Untangle Comb


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Geosmin wooden Untangle combs are designed to have wide tooth spacings in order to help you get rid of the tangled hair and make you feel comfortable and look good. It might be while coming out of the bed early in the morning or after a shower, you can untangle the hair quickly and help you get ready for a beautify day.

•     High-Quality Sheesham wood comb

•     Handcrafted in India

•     Free from the static charge, unlike plastic

•     100% compostable product.

•     Plastic-free packaging

“Description Hair has always been an invaluable asset for the people of India, decking of flowers, pearls, and gold on it has been inseparable from Women. Use of  shikakai, soap-nut, hibiscus, jasmine, coconut oil is practiced even today, Ayurveda has played a significant role in hair conditioning, When it comes to the grooming of hair wooden combs have always done wonders. Right from the invention of neem wood-based thin tooth combs for getting rid of the ticks and lice in the hair to Sheesham wood-based designer combs for the queens and emperors, the contributions of the wooden comb artisans are enormous. MONOLITHIC Geosmin wooden combs are made from a single piece of wood. It has no joints and doesn’t require any chemical adhesive while manufacturing. This monolithic design helps the comb to last longer and avoids breakage during everyday use. NO STATIC CHARGE Geosmin wooden combs have a property to not develop static electricity which will prevent hair damage due to high voltage sparks. Unlike plastic combs which produce static energy and snap the hair. BLUNT TOOTH Geosmin wooden combs improve blood circulation due to blunt design Blunt tooth also prevents from scraping your scalp while combing every day and are safe while kids are around.”

Weight 3.1 kg

Geosmin believe that “we have borrowed this wonderful planet from the future generations to come and so it is our duty to return it to them safely ”. And in order to achieve this, we believe sustainability is the only mantra.

Geosmin is a company that continuously strives to explore, promote, manufacture, market, sell and service sustainable products across the globe, with a primary vision of linking Indian sustainability and rest of the world.

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