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Golden Hand Block Printed Bedsheet

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Revitalize your bedroom with this hand block printed bedsheet. Eloquent, yet ineffable, this bedsheet is inspired by India’s rich culture, aesthetics, nature and art, handcrafted specially for your living space. An elegant pick for gifting to your friends and family.

Product specifications:

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Craft: Hand Block Print

Size: 90×108 inch

Colours: Mustard and Brown

Wash care: Gentle machine or hand wash in cold water with mild detergents (liquid or powder) is recommended. Do not bleach. Do not wring. Dry in shade.

Package Contents: 1 King Size Double Bed Bedsheet and 2 Pillow Covers

Shipping details: Dispatched within 2 business days of placing the order

All our products are handmade and may have small irregularities in the pattern. These imperfections add to the overall charm and gives an exotic flair to our product.

Art of Hand-Block Printing

Block printing originated and was pioneered in Gujarat and Rajasthan from where it travelled east. The main community that is involved in textile block printing since 500 years is the Chhipa community in Bagru, Rajasthan. The process of block printing is labour intensive and involves hard work- but this has travelled through generations in the skilled men and women of this community.

The print starts with a design drawn on paper and then meticulously carved by hand into the Sheesham or Teak wood block. An even layer on the block is extremely important. Fevicol and white chalk powder is applied on a flat surface to get the design impression. and this impression is then nailed onto the block with a perfect fit by an expert craftsman, who has excellent hand eye coordination and has been practising for years. The block is carved in this way and a handle is attached on the other end for easy printing on the cloth.

Once our block is ready, 20 layers of jute and 4 layers of reused cotton cloth is placed on an 18 feet long table. Three kinds of blocks are used- Rekh for the outlines and then Gadd and Datta. These three are used in a manner that brings out beautiful, elegant designs.

The Rekh, derived from the hindi word “Rekha”, meaning line is aptly named since it forms the outline of the design and defines the form of the pattern. The Rekh is also termed to be the key block since it gives a clue to the other blocks to fit in. Sometimes, the Rekh can be split into two blocks to give to different colours of outline, which is called Chiraj block. The Rekh is usually the
most intricate and forms the outline for a floral, lattice or any such design made by block printing.

Since every design is made by hand, some discrepancies may be present in colours or designs because the blocks may not be placed in the exact same position every time. Sometimes, the outlines and colours may not match in places. But this turns out to be the tell tale sign of an original hand block printed fabric. In screen printing, a larger area is covered and hence the design would look absolutely same but in hand block printing, the design an vary because of the “Human” element.

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Stitching together the best of ‘North-South’ and ‘East-West’, the designs of our products are usually inspired by the stories of Indian Mythology, nature and animal mortifs.

While it is our endeavour to provide you the best possible quality that we could find, the slight imperfections add an exotic flair to your living spaces and wardrobes. 

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