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Beautifully handcrafted water hyacinth hand bag in all Natural with exquisite wooden handles.

Versatile, and light its perfect for a holiday leisure mood and everyday chic. 100% Natural, Handmade.

Explore the organic feel and essence of nature for a minimal contemporary style.

Material: Water Hyacinth

Colour:  Natural

Zip closure & Inner lining.

Width = 32 cm

Height = 20 cm

Side: = 6cm



Weight 1.2 kg


KREO is an initiative to sustain livelihood and skills of the craftisans of the North East India. We initiate this project by collaborating with craftsmen of Assam who skillfully weave bags and mats and baskets using Water Hyacinth. Meteka or water hyacinth is a water weed that has been skillfully transformed into these beautifully woven bags. Explore the natural organic  essence of these Water Hyacinth bags that are chic and stylish for everyday style, holiday, picnics, lunches and the beach.

We also are in collaboration with Annie Sakhamo an artist from Nagaland to create naga beaded neck pieces that are bold, fun and colourful. Inspired by paintings, posters, sunsets, photography and graphics of everyday life. It combines the traditional with contemporary styling to create a versatile product.

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