Olaiva 3 in 1 CTM( Skin Purifying Cleanser 100ml+ Skin Clarifying Toner 100 ml+ Skin Fortifying Hydrator 100 gms) kit


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This is a 3 step solution for cleansing, toning and hydrating your skin.

Benefits for Olaiva Skin Purifying Cleanser : 3 in 1 formula which cleanses, exfoliates and refreshes your skin at one go. With strong performance actives &activated charcoal, it gives deep cleansing, removes impurities and dead skin. Rich antioxidants derived from the natural extracts like aloe, calendula, daru haldi, orange peel and liquorice repairs the free radical damage to give you a younger looking fresh look. On regular usage, it also reduces transdermal water loss & strengthens the skin barrier.

Benefits for Skin Clarifying Toner: The invigorating fruit enzymes help treat & protect the skin from free radical damage. A refreshing combination of bitter orange peel extract, blackberry, pomegranate, bhel, lavender & rose extracts smoothens, lightens and clarifies the complexion . It is specially formulated to provide clean, refreshing toning without the harsh drying effects of alcohol. Special mild purifiers gently remove impurities and recondition skin. We guarantee that you will love this orange juice smelling splash on your skin every day.

Benefits of Skin Fortifying Hydrator: This light weight aqueous formula gives your skin enough hydration & moisturization that it won’t look and feel dry. The naturally extracted actives- Amla , Aloe, Soy Lecithin, Almond oil & Grapeseed oil, repair, restore and locks moisture within the deeper layers of skin, making it vibrant , plump & breathable . On regular application it balances the skin cell PH levels and reduces acne, blackheads, dark spots and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Deep cleansing with soapfree detox natural actives like Calendula, Activated charcoal and Haldi gives instant re-freshness and deep cleansing in one go

Follow up with Alcoholfree fruitenzymes and natural spring water toner improves skin texture and brightens your complexion on regular use

Regular use of this toner helps minimizing open pores and clears blackheads

The hydrator gives effortless oil free hydration and moisturization at one go. Makes your skin looks plump, healthy , supple & breathable .Helps balancing your skin’s natural oils making it less oily thus reducing acne and formation of blackheads

Olaiva – A Range of Handmade Cosmetics, offers cosmetics mild on skin, suited to the sensitive skin


Kit contains – 1 cleanser, 1 toner and 1 hydrator

Weight: 300ML

How to use:

Use daily as your skin care regime – Cleansing with the cleanser followed by splashing fruitenzyme toner  followed by hydrator.Let  the toner dry itself before applying the hydrator

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