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Peppermint Tea 100 gms


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“TeaGraft’s peppermint tea is a refreshing tea. Peppermint is not even enjoyable to drink but also has many health benefits which are known to heal your body naturally. It is a delicious, soothing and refreshing way to boost your health. It can be consumed either hot or cold but we prefer you to have it chilled.

Weight : 100
(in gm)

Steps To Brew : Boil water at 90-100°C, add 2gm of Pepperming Tea in a cup & pour 200 ml water on tea and let it brew for 3-5 minutes. Cover the lid during infusion.
Get 2 reusable teabags free with every order and a free cup worth Rs. 250 on purchase of Rs. 500 and above.”


Weight 0.11 kg

teaGraft brings you the finest and the freshest blended teas straight from the plains of Assam and the hills of Darjeeling which are handcrafted with enigmatic flavors and herbs for tea lovers around the world. Tea binds people from every walk of life and we are on a mission to connect with the tea lovers around the world by sharing the world’s favorite beverage from the best tea growing areas of the world.


As a company, we believe in a personalized relationship between us and our customers, that is based on trust and a shared love for our morning cuppa.  And so we meticulously select the best teas, for the faith and trust bestowed on us by the customers.

As a company, we want to make each sip of your tea an epitome of freshness.

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