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Pure Turmeric Essential Oil 10ml

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In Asian countries, Turmeric (Haldi) has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to treat skin related issues as well as lighted and brighten the tone of skin. Turmeric is rich in antiseptic and antioxidant properties and can assist you in treating almost any skin condition.

Here are some ways to use Turmeric Essential Oil :

1. Lighten skin tone – Turmeric naturally lightens skin tone and adds a beautiful glow to the skin. That’s why turmeric is rubbed on the body before your wedding day in India, so you can be the best looking person on your special day! Simply add a few drops of turmeric oil to your regular moisturiser or coconut oil, or even make a face mask with curd (dahi) and honey and add to face for 10 minutes before washing off.

2. As a tan reducer – In warm countries, lots of people pick up unwanted skin tans. using turmeric oil is an effective way to get rid of the tan. You can add a few drops to your regular skin cream or any other body oil such as coconut or jojoba oil and add it to exposed parts of the skin. This can even be used before going out into the sun or the beach as a natural sunscreen.

3. Anti-Ageing – Extremely well known for it’s anti ageing properties, simply apply a few drops of turmeric oil on your face along with a facial moisturiser or regular body oil and keep on for 10 minutes before washing away. Repeat this twice a week for at least 2 months to receive long lasting results.

4. To treat dandruff, increase scalp health and promote hair growth – Turmeric is awesome for hair health, simply add a few drops of turmeric oil to any regular hair oil and apply from scalp down to hair ends. Wash off after 30 minutes. Repeat once a week for at least 2 months for lasting results.

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Every Problem you have has a Natural Solution. Through intelligent ingredients and consistent usage we can tackle our issues without using & relying on different lab chemicals and sulphates. Take a look at all your cosmetic products – your shampoo, your cream – they all have sulphates & chlorides that are NOT good for your body. This is why GeeleeMitti produces only those products that are made from the best of nature. A lot of our issues are actually fixable with natural oils, the way it was intended. For you we have everything from hair care solutions to aromatic fragrant Essential Oils. You would like our new non-alcoholic fragrances. We can even have you mix and personalise products them to your preference. Contact us for any questions and we would be happy to help you

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