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Selling on WudBox is easy and fun. We understand that it takes some time and efforts to let the creative juices flow and that is why you want the process to be simple and consume minimal time. Hence, we thought of making it a a simple 3 step process.




These are the most basic details that we are sure you will easily find with you. Just for quick reference these are the details that you will require so that you keep it handy before you proceed to the registration process:

  1. Company Name (Personal Name in case there is no company name)
  2. Mobile No. (One that is in use by you or your company)
  3. Address (For communication purpose)
  4. Pan No. (Personal/company’s; whichever appropriate)
  5. GSTIN (GST no. or Acknowledgement no. of application)
  6. Bank Account No. (Account to which your payment is to be transferred)
  7. Scanned Copy Of Cancelled Cheque (Same as the account mentioned in point 5)
  8. Email Address (For notification of customer order and correspondence purpose)



This is a link that is sent to you as soon as you register your details, clicking on this link will activate your account and you can login and start using your profile



Yes, it is this simple you can start adding the products as soon as you create your account. Within 2 days your products are published on the website. We take 2 days to understand that all pictures and details of your products are most suitable so that chances of them being sold is further increased.

 Please upload the picture of your products in white background. Do ensure that your pictures are 960 X 960 Px. These dimensions will ensure your product is completely visible, we emphasize that you leave a space of 60 Px at the borders for a better visual appeal. There is no end to how better you can make your product look, explore your own ways as well.

Open Your Shop

Some FAQS for you !

There is a simple three step process. You only need to go on the website and register yourself as a seller. On filling the registration form, you will receive an email with a link. Once you click on the link, your account is activated and you can start adding your products on the “Start Selling” option. Alternatively, you can reach us on our phone number and we can take you through the registration process.

Here is a step by step break up of what needs to be done. Open the website- Click on Sell on WudBox- Click on Open Your Shop- Fill the form and submit- Click on the activation link that you have received in your email- Log in using your unique username and password- click on Products- Click on Add Product- add your products- Once a product is sold, you will get intimation through phone and email- you ship the product with the printed Invoice and intimate us- we put the courier tracking ID on the website for the customer to track- if product is delivered correctly, we send the due payment within the next 15 working days. Alternatively, you can send us your details with supporting documents and product list with photographs and we can register you on the website.

There are multiple benefits of selling with us. Some of them are:
a. We do not charge any registration fee
b. You can list and upload as many products as you like for free
c. We charge a nominal 9% of the sale price only after you sell a product
d. We handle the marketing for your product and you can focus on quality of the product
e. All our sellers are our partners and we regularly interact with them for feedback and suggestions
f. We promote your brand first; we come second

The registration and listing on the website is free. We charge a handling fee on the selling price of the product after it has been sold and would love to answer all your questions regarding it. You can get in touch with us at +919978626365 or

The documents required to register with us are: Cancelled cheque from your bank account, PAN number, GSTIN.

Once your product is ordered, you will get an intimation through SMS and email. On receipt of the product by the customer, we will get in touch with you and will transfer all money due to you together within the next 15 working days. The payment we make to you will exclude our handling fee and service tax.

Once your product is delivered, we clear the payments within the next 15 working days.

When one of your products is ordered, you will receive an SMS and an email regarding it. We also get a similar email and will get in touch with you regarding it.

You can ship the product yourself or choose to ship with our Delivery Partner. In case you choose to ship the product yourself, we recommend that you use a trusted and popular courier agency to ensure that your product is delivered on time and undamaged.

No, we will not take the shipping fee into consideration when we calculate the handling fee.

If the product has to be returned, the customer raises a request through email to us. We then get
in touch with the customer and you. Once we are satisfied, the return is processed.

If merchandise is returned because it was faulty or incorrect, the vendor bears the cost. In any
other circumstance, the customer bears the cost.

For any other query please feel free to contact us