Iwearkhadi is a first ever community for khadi lovers by eco-chic khadi designer labels!

We promise to make Khadi a must-have in your wardrobe, as we bring to you latest updates, styling tips and new collections directly from our khadi-designers.

About Us

I Wear Khadi is a self styled start-up promoting 100% Khadi apparel, accessories and corporate gifting items. I Wear Khadi presents to you the traditional Khadi in new Avtar of “Modern Indian fashion”. Handspun and hand woven, we embrace the cultural heritage of this natural fibre and put a step forward to reach out to our khadi community with a slice of fashion that breathes. 
With a premise of celebrating ‘handmade goodness’ and to bridge the gap between the privileged and the under-privileged this venture was launched 2 years back and with a strong belief in its cause was able to come up with various explorations and inventions in the field of khadi.
At IWEARKHADI, we are driven by the spirit to bring the emporium of Khadi fashion to the masses, which combines ethical craftsmanship and time honored designs to encapsulate timeless fashion, delivered right at your doorstep. 

Why We Do this?

The uniqueness of Khadi can be traced back to Indian freedom movement, wherein Mahatma Gandhi promoted the spinning of Khadi for rural self‐employment and self‐reliance.  In this machine‐age, khadi craftsmen work round the clock to produce the handspun fabric.  We, as citizens of the country, owe a duty to promote and preserve our heritage for the value it holds to us and the generations to come.

IWEARKHADI supports sustainable practices and aims at nurturing the beauty of traditional craftsmanship.


We aim to…

We aim to make Khadi, the revolutionary fabric, an integral part of the fashion industry, and deliver good quality products at a competitive pricing, without compromising on our social and ethical responsibilities. By adopting the khadi way we also aim for a better livelihood for all Khadi artisans, 70% of which are rural women.

With our extensive product portfolio, hassle free customer service, the whole team of IWEARKHADI, backed by a woman entrepreneur Ms. Roopika Rastogi, is dedicated to revive the ancient process of hand spinning and make it popular on a global platform. Let’s Embrace Khadi!

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