With roots in craft and community, our Founder, Tarun Kopuri’s lineage in the apparel industry is traced back to his grandfather’s khadi textile business in Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh). This four- decade-old ‘Khadhi Bhandar’ is renowned for manufacturing and merchandising products made from organic cotton. Learning the fascinating facts about khadi’s significance during the Indian independence movement, Tarun delved deeper into the vibrant world of fabrics. Over a period of time, he was drawn by the concept of sustainability and the impact it exerts on the environment. As a natural progression, Tarun found a connection between fabrics and sustainability. Adding zing to the conventional sustainable wear, he wished to re-live nostalgic memories through pop culture. Mapping different ends of the globe, he began his investigation of possibilities. The relentless pursuit of defining a new aesthetic vocabulary, resulted in koNco – Kopuri N Co.

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