Established in the year 1992, We at Radico are involved in setting new bench marks in the field of natural and herbal cosmetics. We have a team of highly qualified research professionals, Ayurveda experts, and cosmetic production experts etc to render flawless and high quality products. All our products are aimed to deliver the perfect blend of natural beauty to an individual. The focus is on offering a plethora of products that can effectively complement the inner beauty of an individual. The same theme or sense of beauty has been our inspiration for undertaking in depth research into Indian Ayurveda and its beauty recipes and developing products thereby. Our highly qualified teams of professionals are trained to deliver quality goods on time.

We believe that hair is a manifestation of individual’s personality type, skin a manifestation of the radiance, the essence or inner beauty of a person. So all our herbal cosmetic products are nurtured to take baby care and infest just the right kind of modulations or tones to skin and hair. Completely soothing and non-harmful, they are the best options to prime up one’s beauty.


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