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Rta Kapur Chishti began the production of textiles of excellence in 1998 with available technology and in 2010, initiated Taanbaan to continue the revival and regeneration of the ancient Indian craft of hand spinning and hand weaving.

Taanbaan as a label offers an exclusive variety of indigenous organic cottons and low twist silks using hand spun yarns on the desi / traditional charkha / spinning wheel and woven with the finest hand skills on handloom.

The home furnishings collection is developed in Uttar Pradesh in an area that traditionally used to produce blankets. The decline of the handspinning technique in the area began when large mills started the production of blankets in Ludhiana and Panipat.

This is an endeavor to revive the handspinning and hand loom skills of the area with desi organic cotton cultivated in Haryana. Mallawan is a soft handspun fabric woven in a loose weave which enhances its soft drape, ideal for bed drapes & throws. In order to strengthen its base fabric with embellishment, the kantha stitch & appliqué range has been developed. Keeping in mind that the spinners & weavers are used to weaving a coarse fabric, all fabrics in the collection are of a coarse count but being handspun with organic desi cotton they have a supple and soft texture.

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