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We create beautiful handcrafted soaps using 100% pure essential oils & natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft!

Poonam’s father had a soap manufacturing business many years ago and looking at him, she always felt that she wanted to do this. There was a strange attraction to the craft and she did several courses and learned the art of making soap and other beauty products. After starting her own business, she had to give up her passion for her family as her children became priority. But around a year back, fortunately for us, she decided to start over- the fire within her which was very much alive.

Poonam has her own Salon and runs her soap and beauty product business on her own. When she decided to restart, she realised that she needed to learn everything again to have the best knowledge. After re-learning the art and craft of making beauty products, and based on her previous experience, she started The Soap Yard- producing beautiful, natural and safe beauty products. Her daughter, Malvika joined in and helps her with the branding and marketing for her business. Along with producing these products, Poonam also teaches production of shampoos, creams and face packs. She also arranges DIY workshops regularly and has online classes where she instructs on the production of beauty products. With her penchant and zeal to keep doing more and pushing the boundaries for both herself and the skill of making beauty products, she is well on her way to achieve her goals.

And her goal is simple- anyone who uses her soap or another product, should smile. Her motive is that simple. For that, she does not compromise on quality ever. All the raw material required is grown at her own home and she never uses anything artificial for her products. She ensures that she makes something good for your skin and hair along with being aromatic and beautiful to look at. Now that is a skill and she is a true master! She is constantly looking to innovate her products and believes that becoming complacent will stop her in her tracks. With her journey well charted out, Poonam and Malvika are well on their way to create an awesome, amazing, handmade and natural beauty product brand.

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