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The Switch Fix

Our planet is a lot of things – round, blue, full of life, the carrier of the human race, God’s most beautiful creation and the only liveable ecosystem with chocolate in it. But what it’s not, is ‘forever’. It evolves as we change our attitudes towards it. As people are getting unhealthier, it’s no surprise that the planet is too.

but, what if you could change this? yes, you!

Sure, you’ve heard this one before. From our school teachers to that over-enthusiastic, vegan-turned, nature-lover we’ve all met at some party, everyone has always said that ‘you’ can make a difference. And what did most of us do? Smile, nod our heads, move on. Some of us pondered about it, but then gave up midway. Even the ones who didn’t give up couldn’t come up with the answer to the daunting question – How? This planet is too big for me to even matter.

We won’t tell you how big a hazard plastic is for the world. You already know that.

but, what if you could change this? yes, you!

Almost everything that you own is made from some kind of plastic. The keyboard we’re typing this on, the screen you’re reading it on, your spectacles, combs, even the mighty pen hasn’t been spared. Every bit of plastic ever made still exists. And the toxic chemicals released not only harm you but also those who live close to plastic disposal sites.

Why the big build-up, you must be wondering. Because the answer to such a complex problem is very simple – you. Every single person on this planet has the power to be a kryptonite to plastic. With just a simple switch. All that you’ve been lacking so far are the right tools to switch to a healthier life. And now, your wait ends.

at switch, we’re aligned with UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs)



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